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Established on 12th March, 1862, at Marshall's`Cricketers' Arms Hotel, Swanston Street, Melbourne Rowing Club's history reflects the changing landscape of the sport of rowing, the Yarra River precinct, the evolution of Melbourne and the Australian way of life.  Back then, Melbourne's residents would crowd the river banks to come and watch men compete in highly anticipated events between local and visiting clubs. 

The official opening day was Tuesday, July 1, 1862. On 22nd July, 1862 a general meeting adopted the colours of the Twickenham Rowing Club crimson and blue, the flag to be a St. George's Cross (crimson cross on dark blue background).

Early in the 1900's Melbourne merged with the Civil Service Rowing Club and it is only later in the 20th century that women were permitted to join.

 The many chapters of our history since 1862 represent different periods in the ebb and flow of our club's life.  The chapters are marked by significant events or milestones in our history.

1862 - 1930...

Melbourne Rowing Club was established in 1862.  Link here to this chapter in our history.

1930 - 1960... Pages to be added...
1960 - 1984... Pages to be added...
1984 - today... In 1984 MRC became an Incorporated Association. Link here to this chapter in our history.


We remember...

Among our members we've had Olympians and World Champions, of whose successes and achievements we are very proud.  But every one of our members leaves a legacy, a memory or many, a row, a race, a story. Read about some of our long-standing members who have created a significant legacy.



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Find all our Melbourne Rowing Club Inc. Annual Reports here.

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