Coxing and BRO

Coxswains and BROs 

Our on water safety guardians.  These legends help us row and compete safely and successfully.  We are grateful to these legends in our midst.

Coxswain Accreditation

Coxswains have a very important role in training and racing.  Not only are they responsible for the safety of the crew, but a good coxswain can win races by making excellent technical calls and motivating the crew to the finish line.  We have some fantastic dedicated coxswains, and most of these superstars also row or coach, including former National representatives.

Rowing Victoria and Marine Safety require coxswains to have a Level 1 Coxswain Accreditation. It takes less than 1 hour to complete here online.

Boat Race Officials (BRO)

All regattas require a gang of Boat Race Officials for marshalling, starting, following and finishing races.  This team are responsible for safe and fair racing on the course and in various weather conditions.  They are all volunteers and we are extremely grateful for their generous time and enthusiasm.

To complement the gang of Officials, the club is required to provide entry-level volunteers at some regattas to be a BRO.  The roster is usually for half a day.  Failure to provide a BRO results in a fine for the club and will be spread across the competitors at the regatta.

The more BRO's we have, the less arduous it is for everyone.  It takes less than 1 hour to complete the online accreditation here. Note that a Working With Children Check is required and you can apply for one online here.

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