Where would we be without our Coaches?  Our coaches are motivated by the pure joy of help others become better rowers.  They set our training programs, provide technical skill development and motivate us to be a better and stronger version of ourselves. 


Coaching Superstars

No one can teach themselves to row.  Rowing is not an intuitive sport and takes as many as 10,000  hours practice to develop a high level of proficiency.

Our coaching team share the highs and lows of our training and competition journey and we are   extremely grateful for their time.

We are incredibly lucky to have many coaches at Melbourne Rowing Club with over 300 years of experience between them. Most of our coaches actively row or cox themselves, putting their own words into practice.

Coach with us

We have a large membership and coaches are in high demand.  We welcome new and experienced coaches to our team and promise a grateful, dedicated bunch of captive athletes to reward coaching effort.  Contact our Head Coach if you're keen to get involved.

All our club coaches have accredication at Levels 1, 2 or 3. Rowing Victoria provides further information about Coaching training and accreditation which is comprehensively outlined here.

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