Development Squad

Development squad

Development Squad is all about building proficiency while getting out and enjoying all the physical benefits of rowing on the Yarra River.  This program is best suited for those who rowed a while ago and keen to dust off some cobwebs, or, those who have recently completed a learn to row program and want to continue building their newly acquired skills.

Get in touch with our Head Coach to find out more.


  • Moderate level of fitness
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Able to swim 50 metres fully clothed and unaided
  • Novice rower or recently completed a Learn to Row course OR visitor looking for a casual outing


  • Attend regular, weekly training sessions to allow for the development of skills
  • Attend a mix of water and land-based training to improve fitness and skills and reduce the risk of injury.


Have a look over our membership options

Experienced rowing visitors and returning rowers may elect the 30-day option before being asked to join as members.

What to wear

Rowing kit is perfect, but bicycle shorts, leggings, and a close-fitting t-shirt are also just fine.

Feet get wet when the boats are launched from the staging.  Thongs, flip-flops or crocs are sensible choices for footwear to prevent slipping and injuries.  A pair of socks (for comfort and hygiene!) is required when you get in the boat. 

Sun protection

Absolutely! Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended.

Get started

Reach out to our Head Coach to get started. 


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