For Members

For Members

Our club is a very special community. Being part of the club means wearing our colours proudly, being ambassadors for our lively club spirit and having a great time.

Keeping our club members, equipment and clubhouse safe and in good shape requires something from everyone.  A working knowledge and a lot of respect for our incredible assets keeps everything working harmoniously.  The following information is important for our members to know to keep the club running well.

Safety - everyone's number one priority

Merchandise - wear our kit and look the part

Club facilities - our clubhouse, keys and facilities

Club fleet - boat bookings, allocation policy and maintenance

Go well at regattas - eligibility, entries, boat transport and what to expect at the regatta

Coxswains, BRO's and Coaches - our super hero volunteers

Celebrate our international reps - we are so proud!

Know our policies - guidelines to keep everything running smoothly

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