Club Merchandise

As a minimum, members should purchase a racing/club suit and visor/hat.  Please allow enough time (anywhere from 2-4 weeks) to receive your uniform in time for racing.

Contact the Social Secretary if you need any help or information.

Our off-water range is available from The Regatta Shop.

Our on-water range (below) is available from Simply Oarsome.

Racing / Club suit (zootie) Training suit 1 (spot) Training suit 2 (navy)  






Club colours

Melbourne Rowing Club's colours represent the beginning of the club in 1862, when a general meeting was held that adopted the Twickenham Rowing Club's crimson and blue and the flag of St. George's cross (crimson cross on a dark blue background), and later in the early 1900s, the light blue and yellow of the Civil Service Rowing Club when the two clubs merged.

Navy blue Light blue Crimson Yellow

PMS 282 C
Hex #041E42

PMS 279 C
Hex #418FDE

PMS 186 C
Hex #C8102E

PMS 116 C
Hex #FFCD00

The Melbourne rowing Club crest is displayed below using the official colours.





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