Course overview

In this short rowing course you will develop your rowing technique, learn boat handling skills, river rules and discover the joys of rowing as a crew on the scenic Yarra River. This course focuses on both individual and crew skill development in order to get the maximum enjoyment and run from your boat!


  • Moderate level of fitness
  • Over 18 years old
  • Be able to swim 50 metres


4 x 1.5 hours sessions usually made up of 2 sessions of 3 hours on a Saturday and the same on Sunday in groups of four people

NOTE: The sessions are usually on the first weekend of the month but may be organised at other times during the course of a month at the discretion of the Learn to Row coordinator and coaches (subject to availability). 


$165 per person (including GST) paid on the day via a credit card transaction at the club.


You are required to attend all sessions as arranged. Once you are booked into those sessions, they go ahead whether you can or cannot attend.


There's a reason you see rowers wearing those unflattering tight rowing suits - loose clothing is a hazard! Loose shorts will get caught in the seat as it slides back and forth, and loose shirts can sometimes snag the oar handle as it comes close to your body. This doesn't mean you need absolutely skin tight clothing, or that you need to run out and buy anything special - just try to wear snug fitting shorts and top. Bicycle-type shorts and a relatively close-fitting T-shirt are ideal.


You will get your feet wet when you put the boat in the water. If you have any waterproof (i.e. plastic) 'flip-flop' type footwear, this may give you better grip on the landing. Otherwise, bare feet are OK too. Most people prefer to wear socks once in the boat (for both comfort and hygiene!), but these are usually removed prior to wading into the water, and then put on once you're in the boat.

Sun Protection

Absolutely! Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen definitely recommended.


Please email for more information.


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MRC Learn to Row MRC Learn to Row (160 KB)




The Learn to Row course is run out of Melbourne Rowing Club boat shed on the banks of the Yarra River.

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