To enter regattas and race for Melbourne Rowing Club, all crew members must be financial. Student or Senior members of the Club. If you are not sure of your membership status, please check with the Club Secretary. On joining MRC as a member, an invoice will be sent that will have a link to choose the method of payment and register for automatic payments. Regattas and transport of boats will be invoiced separately at the time of the regatta. It is mandatory to register for automatic payments. If you have any questions please contact the Club Treasurer.

Submitting entries for a regatta

Regatta Entries are submitted to Rowing Victoria (RV) using the Rowing Online Management System (ROMS).  This system is used to submit and manage regatta entries and contains all necessary contact and personal information required to support entries.  Members must submit their regatta entries to the club's Regatta Entries Coordinator, who then records the entries in ROMS where they are validated and authorised before inclusion in the applicable regatta's program.

As a result of this system, the internal Melbourne regatta entry deadline is always 4-5 days prior to the RV published deadline. This allows time to correct any errors, omissions, eligibility, identification or approval issues as well as ascertaining boat availability and trailer space requirements. Failure to submit entries on time often means that your entries will not be submitted, will incur an additional late payment fee or lead to boat availability issues and other similar complications.

Any entries submitted after RV's regatta entry deadline must be approved by the Regatta Entry Coordinator and RV.  Any such entries will incur a late entry payment fee (an additional seat fee).

How to enter

First you should check what events are available at the regatta. Make sure all proposed crew members are available and eligible (check on Rowing Victoria) to race in the selected event, are financial and have an active Standing Authority, and are willing to compete.  Entering will incur costs that will be recovered from the crew members, and crew members will need to be available most, if not all, of the day for the regatta.

When you know the event you wish to enter, and have your proposed crew, please submit your crew entry to the Regatta Entries Co-ordinator including the following information.

CREW MEMBERS (in full please) listing from Stoke to Bow:
COXSWAIN: NO TBAs please!!

Please note: MRC entries are due 4-5 days prior to the RV entry deadline.

All members entering a regatta, should double check their entries on ROMS. Please contact the Regatta Entry Coordinator if you are unsure how to do this. If you wish to have a confirmation of entry via ROMS, please double check with RV that they have your current email address.

Regatta fees and transport costs

Regatta fees

Participating in regattas attracts an entry fee, per 'seat', which is paid by the rower. There will be one seat fee for every rowing member of a crew (not the coxswain) per event, so one seat fee for a single scull, 2 seat fees for a pair or double scull, 4 seat fees for a four or quad scull, and so on. The fees vary between $8 and $40 depending on the regatta, but are generally under $15. Entry into regattas will be not be permitted if there is an outstanding balance as at the RV regatta entry cut-off date.

Boat transport costs

There are some regattas held on the Yarra River, but most are held at venues where travel is involved. In these cases all boats travelling to a regatta need to be transported on a trailer and transport costs such as vehicle hire and fuel costs are incurred.  We charge transport costs to members on a per seat basis so the transport costs you pay will vary depending on the number of events you compete in.

Regatta fees and transport costs will be invoiced and payable as they occur. Entry into regattas will be not be permitted if there is an outstanding balance as at the RV regatta entry cut-off date.

Regatta fines

Regatta fines are incurred when crews, and occasionally Club officials, do not comply with long standing RV rules around the conduct of regatta's. Common fines are:

  • Scratching Fine:  Applies to any crew that scratches from an event between the close of RV entries and 2.30pm on the last business day prior to the regatta.   The crew's seat fee's are forfeited.
  • Late Scratching Fine: Applies to crew's scratching after 2.30pm on the last business day prior to the regatta.  The fine is $100 per crew.
  • Non Appearance Fine: Also known as a No Show, which is incurred if a crew does not show up for their race.  The fine is $200 per crew.

Should you need to scratch, PLEASE email (RV) regattas@rowingvictoria.asn.au and save your email for future reference.  Please ensure you have notified the Captain of the scratching so that boat allocations, trailer space etc. can be adjusted.

Any regatta fines the the Club receives from RV will be allocated to the crew members concerned, recorded on your Membership Account and recovered through the Standing Authority Process.

Boat handling at regattas

Transporting boats to and from regattas requires some effort and preparation. Boat loading and unloading is supervised by the Regatta Co-ordinator.

Boat loading and unloading

Boats are loaded onto the trailer before it leaves MRC, unloaded at the regatta, reloaded when the regatta is over, and unloaded back at the Club's boat shed.

Loading involves removing the riggers from the boat, taping them together and labeling them for easy identification.  Rowing seats in each boat are secured either by a seat tie (available in newer boats) or by carefully removing the seats and taping them together before placing in the trailer. Oars are also loaded onto the trailer for each boat that is traveling to a regatta. Boat loading generally occurs the evening before the regatta, but will vary according to the travel distance, and the regatta starting time. Boat loading at the regatta can commence as soon as a boat is not needed for any more races.

Boat unloading involves attaching the riggers to the boat, checking the seats are secure and locating the oars for each boat. Boat unloading at the regatta can commence as soon as the trailer arrives. When the trailer returns to the Club's boat shed, boat unloading should be completed as soon as possible so everyone can get home for a well-earned shower!

It is mandatory that all crew members, excluding coxswains, must attend boat loading and unloading.

Boat Transport Notes Boat Transport Notes (71 KB)

Rigging equipment

It is essential that every member equip themselves with a 10mm and 11mm spanner for their own personal use. Shifting wrenches are also useful. Other good items for the member's own personal toolkit include a tape measure, a Phillips head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. A bumbag is also useful, as the tools can be slung around the hips whilst rigging and de-rigging, ensuring the tools are easily accessible and not lost.

Racing uniform

All members must compete in an MRC zoot suit. Zoot suits can be ordered from Simply Oarsome with delivery between 2-3 weeks - depending on the time of year.

Anything else worn by crew members must be identical within the crew. Hats are not mandatory, but must be matching if they are worn. T-shirts or long sleeves under a zoot suit are allowed, but again must be all identical. The only exception is the coxswain who may wear long sleeves or pants under their zootie for added weather protection.

MRC has a selection of club merchandise available from hats, t-shirts to hoodies.

At the Regatta

The crew coach will advise a plan for the day at the regatta, but there are some things to consider ensuring you are well-prepared.


Mandatory, no matter how cloudy or cool the day may seem.

Food and water

Ensure you are carrying at least 2 litres of water with you. Hydration is extremely important, and when the weather is hot, you may require twice this amount of fluid to ensure you avoid dehydration and performance degradation.

It is also important to fuel up for the race, with drinks or snacks that are low in fat, but with ready energy sources. Good suggestions include: sports drinks, bananas, banana-honey sandwiches, low-fat muesli bars or fruit bars, low-fat muffins. Lollies will give you a quick fix, but an equally quick fail if the energy is consumed, so try to choose a snack with a more complex carbohydrate in it.

Bow numbers

Every boat competing in a race carries a bow number inserted in the bow, adjacent to the bow ball. The bow number can normally be collected within 45 minutes of the start of the event, and should be returned immediately after the race is over. Typically the bow number attracts a $10 fully refundable deposit.

On the water

You should aim to be on the water with enough time to warm up, row up to the start area, and be ready for marshaling to the start 5 minutes before the race. You normally need to allow around 25 minutes, depending on the course and the weather conditions.

At the start area

You need to be in the start area at least 5 minutes before the start of your race. When the Marshall calls you to the start line, you should listen very carefully to the official instructions and only do as the officials say. It is the job of the bow seat and 2 seat rowers to 'tap the boat' along to line up at the start or to manoeuvre the boat into position.

At the finish area

After your race, have a quick mouthful of fluid and return to the MRC trailer as efficiently as possible, for a debrief with your coach.
Make sure you return your bow number.

Happy racing!