Melbourne Rowing Club maintains a large and diverse fleet of boats in order to meet member’s needs, but the Club can’t guarantee that it will be able to satisfy the boat requirements of all members at all times.

The Club Captain is responsible for all matters relating to boats and equipment.

Boat allocation policy

Eligible MRC members must request permission to use any club boat. Boats are allocation in accordance with the Boat Allocation Policy.

The intent of the policy is to ensure that eligible members have access to appropriate equipment, so that training and competition occur safely and that equipment is protected and maintained in the best possible condition.

The policy outlines the factors that the Captain and any delegates will consider when allocating equipment.

  Coxless boats will only be allocated after the Club Organiser or the Captain is satisfied that the crew can safely steer the boat.

  Racing boats are not normally allocated to recreational crews, uncoached crews, mixed crews or composite crews.

Please take the time to review the full Boat Allocation Policy.

Boat Allocation Policy Boat Allocation Policy (80 KB)

Grievances and disputes

The Captain is responsible for ensuring that the boat allocation policy is managed appropriately by the Club Organiser. If a member has a dispute over an allocated boat or a boat booking, the member can submit a written request to the Captain for review.

Oar policy

Most oars are allocated to a particular boat and are labelled on the oar shaft. If in doubt, consult the Club Organiser or the Captain.

Rigging boats

Where possible, boats are rigged for Mens and Womens crews to minimise rigging issues with weight differences.

Boat Rigging Policy Boat Rigging Policy (66 KB)

  No changes should be made to the rigging of any club boats without the agreement of the Captain.

Booking a boat

Eligible MRC members can book a boat online via www.sportsnoticeboard.com.au

Boat bookings are essential so that all members can view when club boats are available. If you don't need your booking, please cancel so that other members can making a booking.

MRC Online boat booking instructions MRC Online boat booking instructions (582 KB)

ALL boats must be signed out and in using the log book located by the rear stairs. 

NOTE: When Women's Squad and Men's Squad season is underway, your coach will generally set your training times and will liaise with the Club Organiser to obtain permission to use particular club boats.

Boat damage

Breakages and accidents happen from time to time. To minimise the amount of time to repair breakages, please notify the Vice Captain immediately.

It is also club policy to pass on the cost of the insurance excess to the member where equipment damage is determined to have arisen from negligent conduct. To ensure you are using MRC equipment safely, review the club's safety policy.

Private boats

Single scull rack space is available for eligible members.

Private Single Scull Rack Application Form Private Single Scull Rack Application Form (45 KB)

Entry into the boat sheds

MRC is very proud of it's boat shed, and we aim to keep access restricted to our members and tenants, for their privilege and security.

When you are a member, the security access code is disclosed to you. The code is required to enter the clubhouse upstairs.

Keys are required to open the shed door, at the rear of the shed, next to Richmond Rowing Club. You can obtain a key for a deposit of $50, by contacting our Club Organiser.